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I love all the design choices you took with this picture. The whole picture in this tilt, the even more tilted head of Alfer and the head of the shovel that is align so even with the real world. It just pushes you to look at this end. Actually I could go on here with totally correctly chosen positions and angles, but you get the point it is not only awesome looking it even is absolutely awesome according to the stupid book of design. And I am not even with everything else like the more dark drawing style. the mostly unrealistic but very suporting lighting. The Sun also perfekt it makes the picture so more evenly lighted while it makes a great contrast, the beautiful sun compared to the depths on the opposite side of the picture. The dusty sky that tells you something is wrong.

This is truly art, there is no doubt about it.

I love this picture, it is so colorful and insane. Totaly pictures the madness inside.

I think I overrate you because I really dig your word. Also kinda sad that I can't comment on your responds. Because I would recommend you to try out to start with much harder pencils like 3H or even 6H and just don't go under HB if you can't work with the softer pencils. It seems like you photograph your drawings instead of scanning it? Never buy a scanner totally not worth it the pencil reflect very ugly with the light of a scanner, if you use one tell me the brand please.

But this picture kinda looks like it was fully made with digital work. Well I can't put my finger on it but it looks a bit odd, maybe that is the digital coloring. But I guarantee you that Artrage for example could make the same pencil lines, or at least you could do it there. It is interesting how your rough skills of drawing meets with a natural understanding of colors which seems to work very, very well. But maybe the drawing style is intentional.

This is Raul Duke in the Scene where he ditched the Photographer an jumped out of the Jeep, okay maybe not that specific moment xD, right?
I really love the impression on his face while the world around shows that he is totaly confused he looks like he knows exactly what he is doing. Which actually meets perfectly with the interpretation by Johnny Depp of Raul Duke in the movie.

Yeah like I said I really dig your art and sorry if there are typos or anything, I often forget to switch the dictionary and sometimes the spellchecker just messes up, or my language does.^^

Yeah totaly looks like him. I love it. But you might wanna work with a bigger sortiment of pencils in the future, some more softer and harder ones to increase the contrast. Or maybe that is what happened when you scanned or photographed.

Did you scanned this picture or did you photographed it?

WhovianDuck responds:

I photographed it, don't have a scanner. I often use multiple pencils but I hate making it look too dark so I don't go mental with the harder ones. It looks far too messy for me if I do that. The photo also makes it appear lighter but it's all I could do. :)

Totaly awesome, and works great as Wallpaper for your Desktop, it looks so colorfull while just having three colors, if you wanan call black and white even colors.

I think you go with a sin city style over here, at least for the color plate can't tell if something else is because I've never seen this movie.
What where your Inspirations for this?

Btw. if you have trouble with fading colors at least for the pencils well I know you used first HB because crappiest paper ever, unless that crappy paper was intenianly. If you work with pencils you should use much softer pencils like 2B to shade it, if you are right handed try to go from the upper left corner to the bottom right corner. Might be weird but since your hand is not smushing the pencil lines and shades of the paper it won't fade as fast. Yeah it can be akward first, you also can try gloves but that sounds even more awkward if you ask me but some provesionals seem to do that.

DrugFueledAnimals responds:

To tell you the truth my inspiration wasnt realy anything in particular, other than long boring hours at trucker classes. I started out drawing just the fox killing the cat in the front as a practice for drawing dynamic poses. I drew it on a crappy exersize paper (there was no paper intended for drawing to be found in the whole school.) As i went on i started to fill the picture out with details, and after a while i thought, lets capture the essence of the 70s! I had the feeling charchoal and some after editing on my computer could do that. (Unlike my digital drawings that tends to get over saturated and feel a bit more modern). I wanted to draw a riot, had that idea in my head for a while so i decided to merge that idea into this picture. I used a mechanical 0.7 pencil and 0.5 for details. I went with HB cuz ever since i can remember i for some reason have a realy hard time to go soft on the pencil. I had some 2Bs but i snap them off almost instantly as i start to draw haha! As for the smudging issues, i usually just take another paper and put it under my right hand and then move around the paper under my hand as i need.

Hope this answers some of your questions. I would like to thank you a lot for your depthful comment and usefull tips. Comments like yours are rare and precious as gold to me :)

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